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Liposuction Woodlands TXSpring is here, and summer is close behind.

Whether you want to improve your overall health or lose weight for the summer, losing excess fat can be pretty challenging.

Several other factors influence weight and fat loss besides diet and exercise. Take your workouts and nutrition to the next level in time for summer. Here are a few tips to help you shed body fat more quickly.

You’ll be able to maintain a lean physique so that your muscles will stand out even when the weather gets warm. These tips will help you to display the results of your winter workouts at the beach, pool, club, or wherever else you may find yourself and learn a little bit more about Liposuction in Woodlands.

Ready to get beach-ready this summer and lose those extra pounds? Look no further than these ways to burn fat quickly!

Burn Fat Quickly

Fortunately, you can easily and quickly increase your fat burning by following a few simple steps. The following are six effective ways to burn fat quickly and lose weight.

  1. Skip the carbs for breakfast.
    Our natural cortisol levels are at their highest during the early morning hours. Cortisol is a hormone that actively breaks down muscle tissue; high cortisol levels are even more destructive to fat cells.

    Meaning you can burn more fat in the morning, thanks to cortisol. However, our cortisol levels drop when we eat carbs in the morning. Cortisol will have a more significant effect on fat burning the longer you avoid carbohydrates during the day.

    This makes fasted cardio an even more powerful tool. We’re not saying to avoid carbohydrates altogether; you still need them! Instead of grabbing toast in the morning, try poached eggs with steamed vegetables for protein.

  2. Try cardio on an empty stomach.
    Earlier, we mentioned how high cortisol levels in the morning help burn fat cells. This is one of the reasons why some trainers recommend doing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

    A fasted cardio workout involves exercising on an empty stomach, meaning your body is not digesting food. Fasting overnight and working out first thing in the morning will cause your body to use stored fat for energy instead of glucose.

    High levels of cortisol help burn fat more, plus combining a fasted state is a great way to accelerate fat loss.

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  3. Intensify your weight training sessions.
    To lose maximum body fat in minimum time, make your weight training sessions more intense and exhausting. Try doing drop sets and super sets.

    Supersets are exercises where you work opposing muscle groups back-to-back with little rest in between. Drop sets involve completing a set until you cannot complete another repetition, then lightening the load by 10–30% and repeating with little to no rest.

    Both techniques maximize muscle gain. Additionally, they increase heart rate, boost metabolism, burn more calories, and increase levels of natural growth hormone (which burns fat).

  4. Add more protein to your diet.
    A protein-rich diet can effectively reduce your appetite, lower calorie intake, and burn more fat. Consume about one gram of carbs per pound of body weight during your workout days.

    With each passing week, reduce your carb intake by about 25 grams per day while adding approximately 10 grams of protein to your diet.

    This increases the thermic effect of food, helps the body burn stored fat more efficiently, helps maintain muscle, and encourages water loss (increases muscle definition).

  5. Drink healthier beverages.
    One of the easiest ways to burn fat is to replace empty-calorie drinks with healthier options. Opt for calorie-free beverages like water or green tea. Water has zero calories and helps increase satiety.

    Caffeine and antioxidants in green tea may contribute to fat-burning and metabolism enhancement. Replacing just one or two high-calorie drinks (like soda and milkshakes) with water or green tea increases fat loss.

    It would be best to avoid sugary drinks like soda and juice, which are loaded with calories and have no nutritional value. Avoid alcohol as well, as it is high in calories and lowers your inhibitions, making you more likely to overeat.

    Keep your waistline in check by limiting your consumption of these beverages.

  6. Keep cool at night.
    Keeping your house chilly can be uncomfortable for some, but it is an effective way to stimulate brown adipose thermogenesis. A smaller type of fat than white fat, brown fat stores energy and burns it to keep your body at a constant temperature.

    By generating heat just before your body begins to shiver (thermogenesis), brown fat helps you burn calories while regulating sugar (glucose) and fat metabolism.

    The practice will not melt away pounds of fat daily, but it is another way to take advantage of our body’s many intricate, fat-metabolizing inner workings. Set your AC to 67 degrees at night, and you’ll lose some fat.

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Say Goodbye to Fat with Liposuction

Burn more fat easily with liposuction! Here at the Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center, we offer a remarkable liposuction technique called Tickle Lipo.

It’s a new, less-invasive way to remove excess fat from targeted body areas using infrasonic technology.

This procedure removes excess fatty deposits without causing significant trauma to surrounding tissues. Using the proper technique and technology is essential for achieving this goal.

Be Summer Ready with Liposuction in Woodlands, TX

Liposuction Woodlands TXGet beach-ready in no time! Surgery-free liposuction in Woodlands is available to reduce excess fat on your body.

Our minimally invasive treatments can help you get the body you’ve always wanted with minimal downtime.

Contact us today at 281-362-0014 for a consultation. The Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center specializes in functional and regenerative medicine and cosmetic procedures.

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