Insurance Policy

We are committed to helping you along your path of new beginnings to a future that is healthy and hopefully disease free. In order to accomplish this task, I have to practice a PROACTIVE approach to health care that unfortunately is not in line with the corporate approach of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The anti-aging movement to improve health and wellness is based on forward thinking that in the medical community is deemed unconventional. However, I believe the rationale is if patients are healthy and don’t need expensive pharmaceutical drugs, then insurance companies will lose their business.

In order to make you healthy, I have chosen to work with you, not your insurance company. If you have the same philosophy as I do, then you will attain the health that you desire. This means I do not contract with any insurance company, including Medicare or Medicaid. If your insurance policy requires you to meet a deductible, then my services can be applied to that. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for your out of network expenses if they cover wellness services. Every insurance company is different.

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