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Get Your Glow On with EZ Gel™ at Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center

Introducing EZ Gel–the latest innovation in PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) treatments that is set to revolutionize the field of aesthetic medicine. Move over PRP and PRF, because EZ Gel is here to take your place as the ultimate blood concentrate for rejuvenating and enhancing the skin.

Get ready to embrace flawless skin as EZ Gel works its magic, enhancing skin quality and texture like never before. You can trust EZ Gel to deliver outstanding results with its natural ingredients.

What is EZ Gel, and how does it work?

EZ Gel is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to boost their skin’s natural beauty. This improved PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) formula has been designed to promote collagen production and skin rejuvenation; the results speak for themselves.

With EZ Gel, you’ll get exceptional results that exceed what traditional PRF and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments can achieve. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Try EZ Gel today and discover the ultimate secret to flawless, youthful-looking skin!

EZ Gel Treatment Process

We begin by drawing your blood into vials that are then placed in the EZ PRF centrifuge. The machine spins the blood at a high speed to separate the platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) from the rest of the blood. The isolated PRF contains growth factors/stem cells and other skin-rejuvenating ingredients not available in PRP and regular PRF.

This spin method not only collects PRF, but also albumin, one of the naturally occurring proteins in our bodies. This protein creates the bio-filler gel.

What makes EZ Gel different from PRP and PRF?

Your blood is comprised of four main components: red blood cells, white blood cells (WBCs), platelets, and plasma. Platelets play a crucial role in clotting to prevent excessive bleeding, but their function goes beyond that.

While PRP has been successful in treating various conditions, PRF is considered the next-generation PRP. Fibrin is the substance that platelets bind to as they circulate through the blood. When platelets bind to fibrin, they release growth factors, which help create new collagen, blood vessels, and skin cells, thus initiating the healing process.

EZ Gel is a natural gel material obtained through centrifugation of whole blood. It is cooled and heated without any chemical addition or modification. By heating up plasma, we modify its rheological properties. Temperature variation naturally creates intermolecular bonds without additives.

EZ Gel is a better option than PRP and traditional PRF. It has 60% more plasma proteins, and it releases more growth factors over a longer period, staying active for weeks after the procedure. This slow release stimulates tissue regeneration and collagen production better than PRP.

EZ Gel in Aesthetics

EZ Gel is a natural bio-filler that works wonders to improve skin texture and quality. It creates a youthful and plump appearance. The best part? It’s completely natural and derived from your own blood without any additives or chemicals. Say goodbye to synthetic fillers and say hello to EZ Gel.

Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or improve overall skin tone and elasticity, EZ Gel has got you covered. Experience the power of this groundbreaking innovation and discover a new level of beauty and confidence.

How long do EZ Gel results last?

EZ Gel is a 100% natural bio-filler that can last for up to 3 months, with the rejuvenating benefits of PRF continuing to provide rejuvenating results for 6 to 12 months.

Experience the Glow from Within with EZ Gel

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your skincare routine. Choose EZ Gel only at Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center and unlock your skin’s potential like never before.

Contact us today at 281-362-0014 for a consultation. It’s time to embrace EZ Gel, and let your natural beauty shine through.

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I've been seen Dr Sakina Davis for about 15 years now, she is very professional and spends enough time with you to treat the 'whole you', everything is connected and balancing hormones helps to treat and prevent many conditions. Her experience with bio-identical hormones proved invaluable for that particular stage of my life when I needed it the most. She is always up to date with new treatments coming up and this cutting edge medicine she practices has helped, also, with my back pain issues, allowing me to avoid a fusion surgery and still be able to function. Her staff is super efficient, nice to deal with and first class. AAA+
L Guillermet
1 month ago
I've been seeing Dr. George for 10 years and absolutely love him and the staff. He always has your best interest at heart and does everything possible to achieve your goals and produce positive results. Wouldn't go anyplace else for my cosmetic needs!
Sherri Griggs
6 months ago
This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in a medical setting. The doctors and staff are the most professional, personable, and talented providers I have met. The results are phenomenal and went way beyond my expectations. I can honestly say that the value of the services have been fantastic and I would do it all over again...but I do not need to because it was done right the first time. :). I highly recommend Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center!
Jim Reid
6 months ago
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