Maintaining your ideal body weight gets tougher as you get older. No surprise there. If you’re near the end of a weight loss journey, you’re about to start the maintenance phase, so your challenges continue.

No matter how you got to this point, your body may have some unexpected surprises for you. All your efforts may prove ineffective against some stores of fat in your body, pockets of adipose tissue that resist every effort to reduce or reshape.

It’s a natural part of the aging process. Fat under the skin resists improved muscle tone since this layer rests above muscle tissue. There’s no way to choose how your body consumes fat when you’re in calorie deficit, so maybe you’ll lose those bulges, but maybe you won’t.

As your hormone balances shift with age, your body shape naturally changes too, and these changes may not be what you had in mind.

Body sculpting through technology

Medical aesthetics manufacturer Cutera® brings two noninvasive body sculpting systems to the game, giving you the power to choose your shape. The truSculpt® iD system is Cutera’s latest radiofrequency body sculpting system, a fully customizable way to treat subdermal fat layers noninvasively.

Shaping muscles is another way you can take control of your body, and the truSculpt® flex system ideally complements truSculpt iD. An electrical muscle stimulator, truSculpt flex targets specific muscle groups for low-effort toning workouts.

truSculpt iD

Your unwanted fat tissue has vulnerabilities that the truSculpt iD exploits. Adipose tissue has a narrow temperature tolerance, and it absorbs radiofrequency energy. Since fat cells warm up as they absorb radio waves, the truSculpt iD system disrupts some of these cells, an average of 24% in treatment areas.

The heat created by radiofrequency energy absorption starts a naturally culling process. Fat cells that warm to the coagulation point flush from the body in the weeks after your treatment. Better still, because your weight is under control, there’s no need for your body to replace those cells.

There’s no downtime after treatment. Schedule a truSculpt iD session in the middle of your day and return to your daily schedule immediately after. If you feel any effect at all, it’s a slight warming sensation, as though you’ve spent time in the sun.

truSculpt flex

Three treatment modes provide the difference for truSculpt flex. Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) focuses low-energy electrical signals to target muscle groups, creating high-intensity muscle contractions.

Able to treat up to eight areas simultaneously, truSculpt flex provides the equivalent to an intense muscular workout designed to shape muscles by simulating crunch, squat, and twist exercises.

Prep mode delivers electrical signals that create twisting motions as a warmup, so your muscles gently stretch and build tolerance for induced contractions. Tone mode creates and holds contractions until your muscles reach the point of exhaustion, increasing strength and endurance, while sculpt mode delivers rapid and deep sequential contractions. Sculpt mode builds muscle mass and increases your basal metabolic rate.

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