Say goodbye to “male menopause” symptoms with andropause treatment available in The Woodlands, TX.

Andropause Treatment Woodlands TXWe are all aware that middle-aged women experience menopause, a phase in their lives that marks the end of the female reproductive years.

Early signs of menopause include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, and mood swings.

Most people are unaware that men experience something similar to menopause (without the period issues). Male menopause, or andropause, occurs in middle-aged men. So what exactly is andropause, and how can Woodlands’ andropause treatment help men in their 40s?

Male hormone levels drop with age, causing a range of symptoms called andropause or low testosterone. These symptoms can hamper one’s daily activities and quality of life.

What is Andropause?

Andropause, or “male menopause,” is caused by changes in the hormones in men’s bodies as they age. Men over 40 usually experience andropause. During andropause, testosterone levels in men decline, resulting in different debilitating symptoms.

These hormonal changes can affect mental, physical, and emotional health. Symptoms of andropause include:

  • Lack of libido
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Muscle loss
  • Weight gain

As men age, their testosterone levels decline steadily by 1 to 2% each year. By 60, most men can expect their testosterone levels to be half what they were in their 20s.

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Low levels of testosterone are not the only factor in andropause symptoms. Age-related imbalances of other critical hormones, such as human growth hormones, can also contribute to these symptoms.

Look and feel younger and stronger with andropause treatment in Woodlands, TX.

What is the Treatment for Andropause?

Andropause Treatment Woodlands TXOur doctors at the Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center understand that andropause or “male menopause” is not caused by low testosterone levels.

To combat the signs and symptoms of andropause, our andropause treatment uses testosterone and growth hormone therapy.

We believe that correcting hormone imbalances in men undergoing andropause can improve their quality of life. Age-related hormone decline can cause health, lifestyle, and relationship issues in men.

Combining hormone therapy and a healthy lifestyle can combat fatigue, enhance libido, boost energy levels, and increase muscle mass.

How Can Andropause Treatment Help Men During “Male Menopause”?

Woodlands Wellness & Cosmetic Center offers men holistic and medically supervised andropause treatment. As a result, middle-aged men can feel more energy, have better heart health, have stronger bones, and have leaner muscles.

  • Boosts Energy Levels – Men experience fatigue due to a combination of many other symptoms of hormone imbalance during andropause. Andropause treatment can bring you relief from fatigue and restlessness!

    If you’ve struggled with fatigue or low energy levels, this treatment might be for you. It balances essential hormones in the body, resulting in an improved ability of the body to burn more fat, leading to a higher metabolism.

    It can give you the energy boost you need to feel more invigorated and youthful.

  • Helps Improve Heart Health in Men – Men are more prone to developing atherosclerosis and cardiac failure as they age. During andropause (and menopause), homocysteine levels rise, increasing the risk of thrombosis and heart attacks.

    It can improve heart health and reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Studies have shown that it helps balance testosterone levels, human growth hormones, and homocysteine levels.

  • Helps Increase Libido – As we age, declining testosterone levels result in decreased libido (sex drive). You can feel the effects of low testosterone in the bedroom, as you might feel a loss of desire for sex with your partner.

    It can help bring back your libido as it balances your hormones. A balanced hormone level increases your sex drive and makes you more sexually active, resulting in better sexual experiences. In addition, it can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

  • Improves Memory – We tend to be “more forgetful” as we age since some hormones and proteins that keep our brains functioning decline. Some men also experience “brain fog,” characterized by confusion, lack of focus, and mental clarity.

    It is possible to gain better cognitive and memory function through this treatment. You may notice that your ability to focus and think clearly increases once you begin this treatment.

    Balanced hormone levels may also reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of age-related memory loss.

  • Helps Strengthen bones – Our bones tend to be weaker as we age. The loss of minerals in bone tissue is triggered by hormone changes in the body as men grow older.

    This makes older men more susceptible to breaking their bones if they fall. The treatment gives stronger and healthier bones and decreases your risk of osteoporosis-related fractures.

    During this treatment, hormone balance increases bone density and reduces bone turnover, reducing brittle bones.

Get the Best Andropause Treatment in Woodlands.

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We believe that functional medicine enhances overall wellness and addresses cosmetic concerns. Our practice takes a holistic approach to health; we believe identifying and resolving underlying health concerns is the best way to lead a healthy life.

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