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A decrease in the production of collagen and elastin as you get older leads to saggy and crepey skin that makes you look older than you feel. At Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center, in The Woodlands, Texas, the experienced team offers skin tightening using advanced cosmetic tools to lift and tighten your sagging skin and restore your youthful look. To schedule a consultation, call the office, or book online today.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center is a nonsurgical treatment aimed at tightening your lax and crepey skin to improve appearance. The innovative medical spa uses Renuvion® for skin tightening, which is an advanced aesthetic tool that combines the unique properties of helium plasma with the efficiency of radiofrequency energy to dramatically lift and tighten your skin.

The minimally invasive cosmetic tool passes helium plasma energy into the deep layers of your skin, which causes an immediate tightening of the tissue. The gentle energy also stimulates the production of collagen, the protein in your skin responsible for strength and elasticity, which continues to improve the skin tightening over the ensuing months. 

Am I a good candidate for skin tightening?

The team at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center determines if you’re a good candidate for skin tightening with Renuvion during a consultation. The procedure is great for men and women with minimal sagging in the cheeks, jowls, and neck. 

If you’re searching for a nonsurgical option to improve your saggy, crepey skin, contact Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center to see if skin tightening is right for you. 

What can I expect during skin tightening?

The team performs your skin tightening treatments at the office using local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. During your skin tightening treatment, your provider first makes tiny incisions in your skin in the treatment area and then inserts the special device to deliver the helium plasma energy. 

You may experience some swelling and bruising after your skin tightening session, but these side effects disappear within five to seven days. You may resume your usual activities within two to three days after your procedure. 

With Renuvion, you only need one treatment to get results, which are noticeable soon after your procedure. But your skin continues to tighten over the next 6-12 months as new collagen is produced.  

Skin tightening with Renuvion at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center takes less time than a traditional face-lift, and the results are similar, but without the need for large incisions or extensive downtime.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about skin tightening, call Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center, or book online today. 

*Individual results may vary