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If you’re like most men, you may not pay as much attention to your health and wellness as you should, which may leave you feeling run down or may increase your risk of developing a chronic illness that affects your overall quality of life. At Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center, the team specializes in men’s health and wellness and offers many innovative treatments to help you feel more like your healthier, younger self. To schedule an appointment, contact the office in The Woodlands, Texas, by phone or online today.

Men's Health & Wellness Q & A

What is men’s health and wellness?

Men pay less attention to their health needs than women. However, men are at risk of developing many of the same conditions that affect women as they get older, including heart disease, diabetes, and depression. You may be at risk of developing these chronic health conditions because of changes in your testosterone levels. 

Men’s health and wellness at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center focuses on helping you retake control over your health and wellbeing. The experienced team works closely with you to develop a health plan that not only addresses any underlying health issue you may be experiencing, but also improves your overall wellness to restore your youthful vitality. 

How does testosterone affect men’s health and wellness?

Testosterone is the major sex hormone in men and is responsible for the male sex drive, muscle size and strength, and production of sperm. Testosterone production in men decreases as they get older, which is a condition referred to as andropause.

A decline in these hormones can make you feel out of sorts and cause a number of symptoms you may simply brush aside as a normal part of the aging process. When your body isn’t producing enough testosterone, you may experience:

  • A decrease in muscle mass
  • An increase in belly fat
  • Low energy
  • A declining sex drive
  • Depression
  • A lack of enthusiasm for life
  • A decline in mental sharpness
  • Difficulty sleeping

Your decreasing testosterone levels also affect bone density, which may increase the risk of fractures. 

All men experience these symptoms, but there is an easy way to reverse these effects of aging with testosterone therapy at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center. 

Am I a good candidate for testosterone therapy?

The experienced team at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center determines if you’re a good candidate for testosterone therapy during your comprehensive men’s health and wellness evaluation. During your exam, the team asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical and family history, and then performs a physical.

To determine if low testosterone is the underlying cause of your health issues, the team runs a comprehensive blood system test to check hormone levels and then customizes a program that’s right for you. 

Stop feeling less than 100%, and start on a program that gives you optimal health and wellness with testosterone therapy at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center. Call or book your men’s health and wellness exam online today.