Few things are as exciting and rewarding as finally taking off that excess weight you’ve been lugging around for years. And few things are so disheartening as finding out that, despite all your dieting and exercising, you’ve still got pockets of stubborn fat that won’t go away. If that sounds familiar, don’t despair: Minimally invasive liposuction may be able to give you the sleek contours and toned body you want.

The aesthetic specialists at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center in The Woodlands, Texas, have helped countless patients eliminate stubborn pockets of fat through state-of-the-art liposuction treatments. If you’re bothered by fat deposits that refuse to budge, here’s how liposuction can help.

Why your fat won’t budge

When it comes to dieting and exercise, all fat is not created equal. After months of dieting and exercise, lots of people wonder why some areas seem to respond well to all that hard work, while other areas are still bulging and jiggly. The question is, why are some fat deposits so stubborn? There can be a few reasons:


Genes have a lot of influence on our overall body shape. If your body is prone to collecting fat in specific areas, such as your tummy or your flanks, diet and exercise might not be enough to slim down those areas of your body.

Quantity of fat cells

You may be surprised to learn that when you lose weight, you don’t actually lose fat cells. Your fat cells just shrink. In fact, the number of fat cells you have is pretty much set by the time you reach adolescence and puberty. Diet and exercise can help shrink the size of your fat cells, but it won’t decrease the number of fat cells you have.

Parts of the body

Different parts of your body may respond differently to exercise. And some areas — such as the backs of your arms, for instance — may be difficult to slim down no matter what exercises you do.

Hormones and age

Hormonal fluctuations and aging can make it harder to lose weight overall and make it harder to slim down in specific areas. For instance, hormonal changes in both men and women can make it harder to lose belly fat with age. That means while diet and exercise may help decrease weight in some areas, it may be harder to lose it in others.

Diet and exercise are two really effective ways to get rid of excess weight, but they can’t always give you the full results you want. That’s why liposuction is so popular. Liposuction can help you eliminate any unsightly bulges so you can enjoy your new contour.

The process of liposuction

During your liposuction treatment, small incisions are made near the stubborn fat deposits. Your surgeon then inserts an instrument called a cannula through an incision and uses gentle movement to break apart and suction out the fat deposits.

Liposuction is performed on an outpatient procedure under anesthesia, so you can sleep through the entire treatment. Afterward, you’ll spend a little time in a recovery area before being discharged.

Once home, you’ll need to wear a special compression garment for a few weeks to reduce swelling, speed healing, and help those contours slim down faster. You’ll start to see results soon after the initial healing period, with full results appearing once all the swelling has subsided.

The benefits of liposuction

We perform minimally invasive liposuction, which means we use special techniques and tools to maximize your results and reduce your recovery time.

Furthermore, once we remove the fat cells through liposuction, you’ll never regrow them. Once the fat is gone, it’s gone for good. However, you’ll still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to keep the fat cells that remain in your body from expanding.

At Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center, we love helping our patients get the slim, sleek contours they’ve worked so hard to achieve. With our minimally invasive liposuction treatments, you can get the body you want without big incisions or prolonged recovery times.

To learn more about minimally invasive liposuction and how it can help you say goodbye to stubborn fat, book an appointment online or over the phone with Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center today.

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