Are your pants feeling a little snug?  Energy tank on empty?  Have you forgotten what healthy eating looks like?  Come visit us at Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center and we can help you tackle those extra pounds.

At Woodlands Wellness we make weight-loss and healthy eating look easy.  Our providers can help you get your health back on track by recommending a healthy eating plan that fits you best. 

Needing to get back on a healthy eating track?  How about The Whole 30 plan – Give us 30 days and we will help you reach your goal of clean eating….and you might even lose some weight!

How about breaking up with sugar?  The Yeast Free Diet is designed to naturally wean you off sugar and steer you back towards clean eating.  It also helps balance the “good” and ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut.  Six short weeks of focus now will leave you feeling energized and ready for whatever your next goals are.

Are you the ‘package type’??  How about trying the Paleo Cleanse?  This product is perfect for the person that needs structure and convenience but wants a short-term commitment.  The Paleo Cleanse comes with shakes and supplements for breakfast and lunch and recipes for paleo meals for dinner.  It’s the best of all worlds! And you will feel great after 2 weeks.

Is your gut unhappy?  Do certain foods make you feel sluggish, bloated, itchy or foggy?  Maybe its time to find out if you have food sensitivities or allergies.  We have several tests that can let you know if the foods you are eating are helping or harming your health.  Call today and schedule a consult for food sensitivity testing.

Dreaming about the beach?  Let us tell you about our HCG program.

Don’t forget about tuning up your immune system with our bundle of Pandemic Supplements that Dr. Davis recommends.  Vitamin C, Zinc, vitamin D, Wholemune, N Acetylcysteine, Silvercillin and probiotics.

Food is a necessary part of life but maybe its time to ask yourself – is the food you are eating your friend or your foe?

Meet The Doctor

Hormone Specialist

A fellowship-trained physician, Sakina Davis MD, FAARM, ABAARM, provides outstanding care to her patients.

Meet The Doctor

Board Certified Emergency Medicine

With nearly 20 years of experience, George Davis MD, FACEP, has expertise patients can trust.